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Dec 24, 2013

This Week's Pic

This week's Pic features a little roadster I happened to come across in Venice, CA. I walked around it taking the pictures you see above and below thinking it would be fun to put to a guess what vehicle was hidden beneath the shroud.

Fortunately, the owner of the car just happened to be nearby on her porch and in a very friendly manner asked if I would be interested in seeing it and perhaps even driving it.  

The little custom roadster is an entirely electricity-operated car and according to the owner, was once featured in a Beyonce music video.  

The owner was very interested in selling the car, which she assured is a delight to drive and repeatedly offered me the chance to test-drive. Unfortunately I was not in a position to accept since I was at work...  But it would've been great to try.

As far as performance, the owner explained, it was a sweet deal; entirely electric and very light maintenance, gets lots of positive attention and one may even offer local transport in a tourist-friendly environment for some light fare. 

Although the thought of transporting people across town doesn't excite me, I would really have like to try driving this little custom job around town.

Whatever becomes of this little roadster I'm sure that its only one of hundreds of such cars in the south bay. Around the Southland, you just have to love what you drive!